Volunteers helping the under-served since 2010 acquire livable housing and improve life skills.

2018 Fundraiser

Super Bowl Party Fundraiser

Thanks to everyone who attended and donated. We raised almost $7,000 from our event.




We’ve got our work cut out for us in 2018. Two families need our help. Your donation or attendance at our Super Bowl Party will go directly to helping these two families.

Creek Road Project

When you have respiratory issues, the last thing you need is to live in a home that’s damp with mold. If you do and you’re 11 years old, you end up missing a lot of school. Our next project focuses on a family with three children living in a home that’s frankly causing health problems for everyone in the house. This year, we’re working on demolishing this three-generation family residence and moving a mobile home on to their property. We know this will make a huge difference in the health of everyone. And for an 11-year old boy, it will make a difference in his quality of education. We need your help financially to bulldoze the current home, prepare the site for a mobile home, the cost to purchase the mobile home, and set it up. We also need boots-on-the-ground to help achieve these goals.

Cinco Ninos (Five Kids Project)

Lupita and her five children, ages 1-14, are living in a 5th-wheel RV. Yep. You heard that right. We have the privilege of helping her move into an already-donated mobile home, so this loving, close-knit family has a little space to live. We’re actively looking for land and mobile home spaces in which we can relocate her, preferably in the Dripping Springs area. We need your help financially to pay for the cost of moving her, hooking up utilities, and outfitting her new home.




Dripping Springs Community Mission Partnership (DSCMP) is a community of volunteers from businesses, churches, and individuals who are seeking to meet the needs of families in crisis in the Dripping Springs area. We focus on helping our under-served neighbors acquire livable housing and improve life skills.

DSCMP is a 501c3 non-profit.


Winner of the 2014 Non-Profit of the Year from the Chamber of Commerce.
2017 Pastor's Home Revival

40+ Volunteers Did It!


Thanks everyone! DSUMC Pastor Jesus’ home received some much needed renovations to his home. Check out a video from the weekend. See more photos on our Facebook Page.

Jack Breese with Pastor Jesus


Watch the Video

2014 Winner of the

Non Profit of the Year Award 

2014 DSCMP Board

Front L-R:  Cindy Krudup, Robin Robinson, M. Lynn Osler
Back L-R:   Dave Edwards, Patsy Ward, Chuck Lemmond


How We Started

During the winter of 2010, Chuck Lemmond, a local builder and coordinator for community help projects for the Dripping Springs United Methodist Church, received a call for help.

A young, recently widowed mother of five children ages twelve and under had frozen pipes in her mobile home. Upon examining her issue, Chuck realized plumbing was the least of her problems. There was black mold on the walls, a leak in the roof, and sky peaking through the walls.

Chuck fixed her immediate plumbing issue, and told the mother that he didn’t know how he was going to do it, but he was going to find her a new home. And with that promise, DSCMP was born.

Continue Reading About our First Family and Other Projects

There are a number of ways YOU can help your neighbors in Dripping Springs.

two beautiful little girls

Living in Camper Trailer

DSCMP helped a local family with two small, adorable little girls renovate a mobile home that had once housed 40+ cats.

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100% of every dollar raised goes towards helping our needy neighbors.

elderly couple living in

Mold-Infested Home

Helped elderly senior couple who were living in mold-invested, unhealthy mobile home obtain a new donated home. 

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Get more details and pictures from some of DSCMP’s recent projects.

senior man

Living Outside

DSCMP helped a senior man who was living outside acquire housing.

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community missions in

Dripping Springs

Over the last six years, DSCMP has assisted over a dozen families in the DSISD. We are a completely volunteer non-profit and rely on the resources of our neighbors.

Know that there will always be a need in Afghanistan, Africa, Haiti, and areas hit by calamity. Many of us will participate in a mission overseas and help these needy people. We also know that you don’t have to travel thousand of miles to perform missionary-type work.

You can help right here, in Dripping Springs, on a local mission to help your neighbors, people you see everyday, people you stand in line with at HEB. It’s estimated that one in four children who attend Dripping Springs ISD could be living below the poverty level.

DSCMP was formed to identify and help our brothers and sisters who live ‘right across the street’.